About Us

We are an authorized dealer of Atlas Survival Shelters

Modern Bud Int Group
is an authorized dealer of
Atlas Survival Shelters.

Modern Bud assembly teams have been certified by Atlas Survival Shelters, and under the supervision of experienced employees have already made the first installations in Poland.

We offer various types of shelters, such as those that should be installed before pouring the foundation slab, before making a swimming pool, dug in the garden and which can be installed in the basement of a single-family or multi-family house.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer.

Atlas Survival Shelters headquarters is located in Sulfur Springs, Texas, an hour east of Dallas. The production of shelters takes place in three places in the world, at the headquarters and certified production plants in Poland and Ukraine.

Atlas Survival Shelters has over 70 years of experience in the production of professional shelters. Thousands of shelters were installed around the world during this period. We rely on many years of know-how of our partner.

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