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Secure multi-use above ground steel SAFE ROOM

Change a closet ot small room into a SAFE ROOM or security vault with our modular panels.

All of our vaults are constructed using 6 mm thick steel panels that are assembled and bolted to a frame using hing strenght 10 x 35 bolts.

Special concrete anchor screws have to be used for concrete 10×90 FV.

Main advantages of our Safe Rooms:

All our undeground shelters are designed to be air-tight and all our shelters have our proprietory Co2 air scrubbers that will remove the carbon dioxide out of the shelter when you shut down your air system or if your air pipes have been blocked.

Types of our Uderground Shelters:

Safe rooms and shelters available in our offer can be equipped with a number of ready-made solutions that we offer.
In addition, we are able to make fully personalized solutions on individual orders.
We focus only on the best quality products and proven suppliers.

In our offer you will find:


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