Safe Rooms

Secure multi-use above ground steel SAFE ROOM

Change a closet ot small room into a SAFE ROOM or security vault with our modular panels.

All of our vaults are constructed using 6 mm thick steel panels that are assembled and bolted to a frame using hing strenght 10 x 35 bolts.

Special concrete anchor screws have to be used for concrete 10×90 FV.

This type of security structure will withstand severe weather, hostile entry and give your family a great sense of security for years.

Every home should have one secure room for valuables and personal safety. If You are a homeowner  or builder and are looking for a secure area for your upcoming build or existing home this system may be the answer for you.

SAFE ROOM the steel emergency shelter is fully modular, so You can lengthen or shorten the structure by adding or removing additional modules. It is also posiible to dismantle the shelter and tramsport it to another place in parts and then reassemble it. The modules are bolted together from the inside by means of the lock bolts.

Main advantages of our Safe Rooms:

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You won't be trapped

Because each unit is constructed of modular panels. You never have to worry about being trapped inside  if the entry is blocked. After instalation two wrenches are left inside the shellter to remove the bolts on any panel, allowing for miltiple emergency exits.

Breath safely

Each SAFE ROOM has two air vent at the bak made from zinc-plated protection mesh and steel screened air vents. These vents are specially designed that evena gun barrel can not fit into an opening.

Secure 5 bolt and a locking mechanizm

Door system contains of 5 Stainless Steel Bolts that are blocking the lock inside and additional reinforced locking mechanism.

Grade 1 high security lock

Each SAFE ROOM comes standard with a Grade 1 High Security keyed lock. Whether in a tornado, home invasion, or a secure place for valuables, once you enter a SAFE ROOM, from inside we can block the lock with special bolt and no one will be able to access the lock.

Modular desing

Each Atlas Safe Room is made with modular panels, which means that each is expandable and relocatable. AS your falimy grows, your safe room can dtow as well. If you move, you cand easily have your SAFE ROOM disassembled to taki it to another location.

Additional components for SAFE ROOM

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Price: from 7500 € net


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