Platinium Series


Base price is for a plain bunker which includes a Swiss-made NBC air filtration system, gas-tight marine grade doors leading into the bunker, 8ft ceilings, BIG 36×80 opening on your AR500 bulletproof hatch, 36-inch wide stairs, NON-Steep easy stairs for elderly, decontamination room, pre-wired for 110 volt AC power, escape tunnel, LED lights,6 inches galvanized steel tamper proof air pipes with solid brass check valves,3000 PSI steel fittings for plumbing, sandblasted and coated with a 150-year exterior coating, epoxy painted interior walls, GFI outlets, constructed of structural i-beams over the roof and structural channels on the walls all at 24-inch centers all on top of 1/4 inch European made steel plate.

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