Safe Cellars

The Safe-cellar was designet to be installed under the concrete floor of a new house that can cater to your specific needs.

It provides a Safe Room, Wine Cellar, Gun Room, and Tornado Shelter, and can be equipped with our Nucler Biological Chemical warfare package to serve as a modenr NBC shelter. The stell structure is shipped in one piece and craned into the hole. Once in the excavated hole, the underground air duct, water piper, electrical lines, antenna cables, solar cables, sewage lines etc. are installed.

After ducts and lines are installed, the shelter is backfilled with stone and a 28-inch thick concrete slab is poured over the shelter to provide mass and radiation shielding. The Safe-Cellar can be installed under the kitchen, garage floor, closet floor, spare room, or living room.


Safe Cellars are Highly customizable and it offers a number of upgrades to suit every need and situation. Our main plant in Texas always has a large volume of pre-manufactured steel bunker models on display and our showroom is open to the public. Our California plant does research and development and produces shelters for the West Coast market and is open to the public as well. 

Making a shelter feel like you’re in the county jail takes away the normality you would need to survive ling-term underground in a survivial shelter. Here are some ways safe cellar can be used to give you the feel and idea of ways to customize your very own shelters.

Price: from 50.000 € net

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